9.15 – 10am: Registration (Buttery)


10 – 10.30am: Welcome/Opening Remarks (Leonard Wolfson Auditorium)

Ben Westwood and Emelia Quinn


10.30 – 11.45: Vulnerable Bodies (Panel 1)

Chair: Emelia Quinn (University of Oxford)

Sara Salih (University of Toronto): Remnants. The Witness and the Animal

Harrie Neal (University of York): The Eighteenth-Century Vegan Body: Gender, Ethics, and Cultures of Veganism

Eva Giraud (Keele University): Radioactive Beagles and Parkinsonian Monkeys: Figures of Care or Objects of Critique?


11-45 – 12.15: Coffee Break (Buttery)


12.15 – 1.15: Writing Veganism (Panel 2)

Chair: Ben Westwood (University of Oxford)

Alex Lockwood (University of Sunderland): What is it Like to be a Vegan?

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell (Royal Holloway, University of London): “Working through the mouth is harder” (Reading)

Natalie Joelle (Birkbeck, University of London): The Unpacking Plant: Gleaning the Lexicons of Lean Culture


1.15 -2.00: Lunch (Buttery)


2.00 – 3.30: Practising Veganism (Panel 3)

Chair: Mark Wood (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Simon Bignell (University of Derby): ‘Veganism is Dead; Long Live New Veganism’: Towards a New Definition of Veganism

Abi Masefield (Edge Hill University): The Right to (Not Be) Food

Richard Twine (Edge Hill University): Non-Practising Practitioners: Understanding the Boundaries of Vegan Practice

Naisargi N. Dave (University of Toronto): On Contradiction and Inconsistency


3.30 – 4: Coffee Break (Buttery)


4 – 5.15: Vegan Forms (Panel 4)

Chair: Sara Salih (University of Toronto)

Bob McKay (University of Sheffield): A Vegan Form of Life

Allison Covey (University of Toronto): Ethical Veganism as Protected Identity: Understandings of Creed in Law and Religious Studies

Jason Edwards (University of York): The Elephant in the Room: Edward Onslow Ford and the Absent Referent of Victorian ‘Animalier’ Sculpture


5.15 – 5.30: Doors Open to Public


5.30 – 6.45: Keynote

Laura Wright (Western Carolina University): Imagining Vegan Studies: English, Activism, and Animals


6.45-7.45: Wine Reception (Wolfson Café)


8.30: Dinner (Al Shami, Jericho)