About the Organisers

Emelia Quinn 

Emelia is a DPhil candidate in the English Faculty, based at Wolfson college. Her thesis seeks to define a distinct vegan theory and construct a trajectory of literary veganisms from the Romantic period to present. She previously completed a BA (Hons) in Film and Literature at the University of Warwick and an MA in Culture and Thought after-1945 at the University of York. Her research interests include literary veganisms, animal studies and queer theory.

Ben Westwood

Ben is a second year DPhil candidate in English at Wadham College, Oxford. His thesis, provisionally titled, “Novel Beasts: Reading Animals in Victorian Literature,” argues that the vast range of uses animals were put to in nineteenth-century Britain (food, energy, transport, fashion, exhibition, companionship) is mirrored in the form and style of diverse kinds of Victorian literature. Drawing on a range of authors and genres, this thesis illustrates the significance of other animals to the nineteenth-century literary imagination, and illustrates how we might think about literary form and animal figures as mutually informing.

Prior to doctoral study, Ben graduated with distinction from the Nineteenth-century Literature and Culture MA at the University of York, where his dissertation was awarded the Philip Brockbank prize. Ben took his BA in English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

As well as the nineteenth century, and literary form and stylistics, a forthcoming chapter in a collection of essays on Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s poetry is part of his ongoing interests in queer theory, post-structuralism and deconstruction, and twentieth-century American poetry.